About Us

Who we are

Tested by us!

Alone soap was born from a simple curiosity. Having suffered from irritable and dry skin throughout my life and having tried countless soaps and lotions I have never been truly satisfied. Added to this the difficulty of finding a cruelty free product and my options were severely limited. Finally, my partner half-jokingly suggested we should perhaps make our own soap…so we did! I was slightly horrified when I started looking at the ingredient list on standard store bought soaps, it was no wonder I was unable to find something to help my skin, or at least not to irritate it further – so many chemical additives to generate bubbles, colour smells and so on, there was no way I would ever have managed to narrow down what I was reacting to so there began our soap making adventures.

What we do

Keep it simple

We make our soap using the cold process method which takes around a month to complete the cure. All of our soaps are completely vegan and made with as environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced ingredients as possible. We make a range of unscented and scented soaps, but use natural botanicals and essential oils to add aromas rather than synthetically produced fragrance oils. Since our soaps are made by hand and in small batches, each soap may be a slightly different size or shape (as we hand cut the soap!), and the colour may vary slightly between batches. Finally, we do not test our soaps on animals but instead we test on ourselves and our friends and family!  Our dog has become a regular soap user as he seems to find it impossible to stay clean! We hope that you will enjoy our soap as much as we do, and we are always happy to get some feedback or recipe suggestions!